Understand the technology marketplace to attract and retain consumers

Comscore’s solutions technology companies and OEMs get ahead of the curve on emerging consumer trends, device usage, and platforms.  
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Featured Products

Multi-Platform Content Measurement

Comscore MMX® Multi-Platform provides an unduplicated view of total audience behavior across desktops, smartphones and tablets. 

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Tech - Multi-Platform Content Measurement

Marketing Impact

See how Comscore’s Marketing Impact solutions help you measure the impact of advertising on outcomes.   

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Tech - Marketing Impact

Mobile Market Research

Comscore MobiLens® Plus provides insights into technology consumers’ smartphone and tablet device preferences, demographics and key landscape trends. 

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Tech - Mobile Market Research

Custom Solutions

Device Essentials Solution

Device Essentials Solution

Dive deep into how mobile and tablet devices are being used. Benchmark your device share across carriers and understand content consumption, across devices.